Friday, May 20, 2016

Family Fun Day at the Houston Fajita Festival!

Saturday, Jun 4, 2016 – 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM  
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The Houston Fajita Festival 2016 is a celebration of Mexican culture, food, drinks, and entertainment. Come hungry with family and friends to enjoy a day filled with a variety of delicious fajita choices!  
Kids ages 4 and Under are FREE Kids ages 5-12 are $5 General Admission $10 pre-sale and $15 at the door VIP Tickets $60

Monday, May 16, 2016

Fighting Stress as a Teacher.

Teachers are subject to an inordinate amount of stress.  The distraction and challenges of educating young minds should be a rewarding experience.  A certain amount of stress is unavoidable, but understand about 80% of all illnesses are related to stress.  As you go through your day and in preparation for your next day’s adventure there are ways to reduce stress.

1.  Think of the worst thing that can happen, then have a plan to make it better or avoid it.
2.  Step back and replace any negative thoughts with positive ones.
3.  Always make time to rest your brain…get plenty of sleep.
4.  Stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of cool, fresh water.
5.  Exercise.  Get up and move around every hour.
6.  Build healthy, positive relationships in and out of the classroom.
7.  Before bedtime relax without technology.  Put your phone to bed before you.

Simple things like this could go a long way, but additionally why not seek professional help?  Dr. Penelope J. Hooks is a certified psychoanalyst in Houston, for teachers who need to discuss their stress with a trained professional.  Teachers are our national treasure.  Call her today (713-521-9087) and make an appointment at her office located at 3311 Richmond Ave. Suite 330.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Suffering from Creative Block?

Many people are called on to produce creative work; some of them live in the Houston area.  Creative block may occur to anyone trying to finish a script, a song, a speech, a scientific paper, or a painting. Sometimes it is hard to get an idea, organize the project, or imagine that the audience will receive it well. You may think about it too much, or not at all.

One thing that may help is staying on schedule.  A routine helps remind you what needs to be done at that particular time of day.  Another, for some, is just letting your mind float and to think about nothing at all. It may trigger that creative side of your brain.  Another stimulus might be to visit a new location or an old friend.  This can refresh the mind and the spirit.

However, if the simple tricks do not work, perhaps the inhibition, or lack of flow, may be rooted in the Unconscious. Why not seek professional help?  Dr. Penelope J. Hooks is a certified psychoanalyst in Houston, for people experiencing creative block or other manifestations of anxiety.  Visiting Dr. Hooks may be just the initiative you need to get those creative juices flowing again.  There is little to lose and much to gain. Call her today (713-521-9087) and make an appointment at her office located at 3311 Richmond Ave. Suite 330.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Houston's Must-See Museums and Attractions

Houston's must-see museums and attractions.
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"For a city not known as a tourist mecca, Houston has a surprisingly large number of attractions. From folk-art icons and soothing green spaces to megamuseums and macabre collections, the city and its suburbs offer many diversions for visitors. Click the link for some recommended sights."

Monday, April 18, 2016

Making Mental Health Care a Priority.

Let’s have a reality check.  If you have a comfortable sum of wealth you can afford better health care.  Perhaps you have enjoyed the finer things in life for years.  You bought a bigger home than you really needed.  Your car is a luxury model.  You took some vacations.  Why…because you can, that’s why!  Enjoying the good life also means staying grounded.

So many people in this country live with physical and emotional trauma and do nothing about it.  Many times the reason is they simply cannot afford good mental health care.  If you have feelings of desperation and do nothing about it then it is on you because you CAN afford it and you may need it.  This is not the time to just “buck up”.  Seek the counseling that you deserve from a professional.

Dr. Penelope J. Hooks is a licensed professional adult counselor in Houston.  She will help you discover if psychoanalysis is right for you.  You would not deny yourself heart surgery or a knee replacement or some other medical procedure if you KNEW it would improve the quality of your life.  Do not deny yourself good mental health.  Contact Dr. Hooks today and make an appointment at (713) 521-9087.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Treating each Child Individually.

The subject of child psychoanalysis is a very broad and complicated one.  Reaching out to children in their formative years will set the structure for their lives ahead in an ever-changing world.  It is so important not to “brand” any individual…child or adolescent as this or that, but rather to treat each individual with the dignity that they deserve.

If you would like more information on this subject may we direct you to a website?  That site is  This is where you will discover information about ACP and learn more about how they assist children and their parents.  The advice that is given must always be taken in the context of the individual family.

On a more personal and local level, let us direct you to  Penelope Hooks is a licensed child and adolescent psychoanalyst in Houston, Texas.  After you have had the opportunity to browse her credentials, please feel free to call her and make an appointment at her Houston office located at 3311 Richmond Ave. Suite 330.  Call her today at (713) 521-9087.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Egg Hunts in Houston 2016

 Looking for Easter egg hunts in Houston?  Click on the link above and check out more than 25 egg hunts in the Houston area, thanks to local businesses, communities and churches.

Monday, March 14, 2016

What Does it Mean to be a Progressive Parent?

Positive response is the key and critical way to be a progressive parent.  To understand the basics of this parenting method visit  Allen Creek is a preschool located in Ann Arbor Michigan that practices emotional, interpersonal, and emotional understanding between parents and their young children.

If children have a healthy respect for themselves and those around them such as their community then they are off to a great start.  Teaching the building of emotional strength in your little one puts you on the road to being a progressive parent.  They will learn how to explore and express themselves at a very early age.  This is something that some people go through life never mastering.

You do not have to travel to Michigan to discover and practice this parenting technique.  In Houston Dr. Penelope J. Hooks is a Progressive Parent Practitioner.  Dr. Hooks can help you tackle the most important job you will ever have…raising a life to adulthood.  Please arrange an appointment at her Houston office by calling (713) 521-9087.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Taking Stock of Yourself

Human beings tend to think differently at different stages in their lives.  Over the years you have changed because of forces both beyond and within your control, both outside and inside yourself.  If you are, say 40 years old you have been subjected to many different forces.  My goodness, there wasn’t even an internet when you were growing up!

Where are you at this particular moment?  If you have children where do you THINK their mindset is now?  There are certain things going on around you that may seem obvious.  Does someone in your home have an eating disorder?  Is their temper getting the best of them?  Is there any sign of drug or alcohol abuse by adults or underage kids?

Coming to terms with where you are in life RIGHT NOW is essential.  How can you take that next step in the journey with confidence if you can’t face the here and now?  Learning to understand yourself is your greatest gift.  In Houston Dr. Penelope J. Hooks helps you to achieve that goal.  Dr. Hooks can look at a particular situation that has troubled you and or has threatened your family structure.  Please arrange an appointment at her Houston office by calling (713) 521-9087.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Share the Lane with Critical Mass' Monthly Bike Ride

Share The Lane- Critical Mass Bike Ride

Take over the streets and ride alongside a huge group with Critical Mass’ monthly bike ride on Friday, February 26, 2016 and every last Friday of the month.
-Aside from the ride itself, Critical Mass is intended to raise awareness and advocate for a bicycle-friendly urban environment. All bikes are welcome.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Building Strong Emotional Resilience.

It starts during pregnancy. Babies get taken care of because the mother takes care of herself to insure a healthy baby.  Next comes infancy, with its challenges to the new mother.  Mothers are very powerful people because their interaction with their babies will build a good emotional capacity that will endure throughout life.  Knowing this will build confidence in her as she begins to raise a new life.

Safety and the physical care of the infant are essential, however they are not enough.  From the beginning of their lives babies are involved and engaged with people.  To survive and thrive they need an attachment to an adult who is in tune with their needs.

Living in the Houston area gives you a distinct advantage as a new parent.  Penelope J. Hooks. M.D. will help you understand what emotional capacity is all about.  Dr. Hooks will explain the concept and help you make the adjustment to be the best parent you can possibly be.  Don’t tackle new parenting alone.  Please arrange an appointment at her Houston office by calling (713) 521-9087.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Getting to the Bottom of What Bothers Us.

Whenever I hear that someone wishes his wife would stop nagging, or that the children are driving him nuts, or that his boss is never satisfied with the work he did, I realize that many people feel similarly.  I wonder if these people are curious about why the world seems to be full of people who treat them poorly.  What is the root of such a perception that no one out there understands the problem, no one is helpful or kind? 

For years a person may try to live with these feelings, while the anger and resentment continue to build inside.  Sometimes there are consequences to relationships such as strained marriages, unemployment, and disappointing lives.  Sometimes change occurs by examining the past, examining our moment to moment thought processes, exploring our deepest wishes and fears, and eventually taking responsibility for bringing about the changes we want to make.

If you live in the Houston area you may wish to seek the professional help of Penelope J. Hooks. M.D.  Learning to understand yourself is the greatest gift that you can give yourself.  Dr. Hooks may enable you to achieve that goal.  She can point out a particular situation that has troubled you, or even paralyzed you, and make a comment that may shift your perspective.  A small shift may make a big difference.  Please arrange an appointment at her Houston office by calling (713) 521-9087.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Houston Valentine's Day Restaurant Reservations
Sunday, February 14 is around the corner – we're here to help you plan.
Find restaurants with specials, set-menus and other Valentine's Day treats for the occasion.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Is Psychoanalysis Right for Me?

If you have ever considered the question, here is some quick insight as to whether or not psychoanalysis is the right approach for you or someone you are concerned about.  Basically, psychoanalysis can benefit almost ANYONE suffering from psychological symptoms. However it does take time, energy, interest, and patience.

It requires the person in question to be able to tolerate sometimes intense and difficult feelings, and then be willing to face and discuss them. The changes that may result from this type of understanding may affect many different aspects, not only of their own lives, but the lives of the people that they touch.  Psychoanalysis has fewer side effects than medicine or surgery, and can improve a life more than either. It is the only form of psychotherapy that can change personality traits.

It may not be a simple decision, but if you are considering psychoanalysis please call Dr. Penelope Hooks at (713) 521-9087 and arrange for a consultation at her office located at 3311 Richmond Ave. Suite 330 in Houston Texas.  It could be one of the best decisions that you will make.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Aging and the Loss of Independence

Now that the New Year is upon us here is a difficult issue worth addressing.  Let’s discuss how the older people in your life are faring with their ability to function as they used to.  When you gathered together over the holidays, did you feel that someone you loved has seemed to become less independent these days, because of advancing years?  Now may be a good time to confront that issue.

Seek the guidance of someone outside of the family, a professional who has had years of experience talking to seniors and their families about the challenges of aging.  In some cases there may be signs of dementia.  However, in many other cases it is a realistic concern about how mom, dad, or both are handling the day-to-day task of living life to the fullest.

When you are ready to discuss these issues, rely on the input of Penelope J. Hooks, M.D.  Dr. Hooks specializes in relationship issues between you and your aging parents.  You may want to help them, but maybe you may not know where to begin.  If you live in the Houston area call Dr. Hooks today and discuss your particular situation.  You may reach her anytime at (713) 521-9087.