Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Egg Hunts in Houston 2016

 Looking for Easter egg hunts in Houston?  Click on the link above and check out more than 25 egg hunts in the Houston area, thanks to local businesses, communities and churches.

Monday, March 14, 2016

What Does it Mean to be a Progressive Parent?

Positive response is the key and critical way to be a progressive parent.  To understand the basics of this parenting method visit  Allen Creek is a preschool located in Ann Arbor Michigan that practices emotional, interpersonal, and emotional understanding between parents and their young children.

If children have a healthy respect for themselves and those around them such as their community then they are off to a great start.  Teaching the building of emotional strength in your little one puts you on the road to being a progressive parent.  They will learn how to explore and express themselves at a very early age.  This is something that some people go through life never mastering.

You do not have to travel to Michigan to discover and practice this parenting technique.  In Houston Dr. Penelope J. Hooks is a Progressive Parent Practitioner.  Dr. Hooks can help you tackle the most important job you will ever have…raising a life to adulthood.  Please arrange an appointment at her Houston office by calling (713) 521-9087.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Taking Stock of Yourself

Human beings tend to think differently at different stages in their lives.  Over the years you have changed because of forces both beyond and within your control, both outside and inside yourself.  If you are, say 40 years old you have been subjected to many different forces.  My goodness, there wasn’t even an internet when you were growing up!

Where are you at this particular moment?  If you have children where do you THINK their mindset is now?  There are certain things going on around you that may seem obvious.  Does someone in your home have an eating disorder?  Is their temper getting the best of them?  Is there any sign of drug or alcohol abuse by adults or underage kids?

Coming to terms with where you are in life RIGHT NOW is essential.  How can you take that next step in the journey with confidence if you can’t face the here and now?  Learning to understand yourself is your greatest gift.  In Houston Dr. Penelope J. Hooks helps you to achieve that goal.  Dr. Hooks can look at a particular situation that has troubled you and or has threatened your family structure.  Please arrange an appointment at her Houston office by calling (713) 521-9087.