Monday, May 16, 2016

Fighting Stress as a Teacher.

Teachers are subject to an inordinate amount of stress.  The distraction and challenges of educating young minds should be a rewarding experience.  A certain amount of stress is unavoidable, but understand about 80% of all illnesses are related to stress.  As you go through your day and in preparation for your next day’s adventure there are ways to reduce stress.

1.  Think of the worst thing that can happen, then have a plan to make it better or avoid it.
2.  Step back and replace any negative thoughts with positive ones.
3.  Always make time to rest your brain…get plenty of sleep.
4.  Stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of cool, fresh water.
5.  Exercise.  Get up and move around every hour.
6.  Build healthy, positive relationships in and out of the classroom.
7.  Before bedtime relax without technology.  Put your phone to bed before you.

Simple things like this could go a long way, but additionally why not seek professional help?  Dr. Penelope J. Hooks is a certified psychoanalyst in Houston, for teachers who need to discuss their stress with a trained professional.  Teachers are our national treasure.  Call her today (713-521-9087) and make an appointment at her office located at 3311 Richmond Ave. Suite 330.

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